Age of War – Review

Age of War is a fantastic free flash game that combines features from tower defense and anti-tower defense games. If you’re tired of playing tower defense games that all seem the same to you, this game is for you.

If you run out of places to set up turrets in Age of War, you may upgrade your defenses by purchasing more turret sites and other turret types. You can get ready to launch an immediate assault on your foe with your army.

You only have access to three different sorts of troops: heavy units, long-range units, and straight combat units. The game takes place in a variety of eras, beginning with dinosaurs and cave people and moving on to lasers, battleships, and flying machines.

Instead of assaulting your opponent, focus on defense. Spend the majority of your resources on turrets, and only train soldiers when the turrets are unable to dispatch all approaching foes in a timely manner.

Plan your unit location in addition to your plan. Keep a watch out for oncoming enemies and place your troops where they will be most effectively annihilated. Remember that using special abilities is essential both at the start of the game and midway through. When to use a certain ability might be the difference between success and failure.