Endless Siege – Review

Endless Siege is an engaging tower defense game. There are an infinite number of enemy groups, but you may erect your defenses and choose when the next phase will start. You may keep clicking to release more waves of enemies if you’re up for it.

In the fascinating tower defense game Endless Siege, towers may be positioned wherever on the playing field outside of an opponent’s route. Every day, a new map is provided in this game, which adds variety and helps to keep the game more interesting.

Due to the complexity of the gameplay and the regular variety of the maps, certain friends frequently organize tournaments based on this game. With a fresh map every day, construct and improve your barricades to withstand the never-ending hordes of savage monsters!

You have the option to level up, enhance, and trade your defenses both before and during enemy waves. Further on in the game, you may modify these cannons into wholly new and modern defense structures. These new weapons are far more deadly, but they also cost a lot of gold. During the previous rounds, you saved some gold in anticipation of these advancements.

You may play the single-player game Endless Siege in your web browser for free. Test your resistance to the pressure of enemies.